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Elec-Con technology GmbH
Alte Strasse 68
D-94034 Passau
Tel: +49 851 213710-70
Fax:+49 851 213710-99


PC-Interface program for operating the Brilliant-Mix Controller by a Windows-PC (XP, Vista, Win7). Allows Enabling/Disabling the control loop, and readout of the set- and actual measurement values of the color-sensor. If the control-loop is disabled, the GUI
allows separate adjustment of all available color-channels. For operation an additional Serial Cable (USB to UART - Refer to Brilliant Mix Adaptor Cable Kit ) is required to be connected between the Extension-Board of the controller and the PC.


This software has been virus-scanned with utmost care. Nevertheless we can’t warrant that it is completely virus-free. Consequently, operating this software is entirely on your own risk.

Ordering-Code:  BMC-GRAPH-V1/V2

Program Download and more Information, please find here:

Program Download:                                          Contact:                                         

 screenshot-V1_0_grau.jpg BMC-GRAPH-V1_0

screenshot-V2_0_grau.jpg BMC-GRAPH-V2_0


Tel. +49 (0)851 / 21 37 10-70



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