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Elec-Con technology GmbH
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I-Kit Brilliant Mix Universal-Controller
The new Brilliant Mix Universal Controller from Elec-Con
is built
for your own investigation purposes only. With this 
product you
are able to create your own Brilliant Mix appli-
cations without
lots of controlling-know-how. With the I-Kit
we offer you a
modularly built standard product, which will
flexibly fit in your
complex light solutions.

Following versions can be ordered directly at Elec-Con as Standard:

BMC-I-KIT 1    1 Controller + 1 Driver + 1 Light-Engine     (without Cable-Kit)

1 Controller + 1 Driver + 1 Light-Engine     (including Cable-Kit)

NOTE: There is no RGB-color-sensor included in both offers I-Kit 1 and I-Kit 2!
The modules are not assembled! On your request
we are able to offer customized
Hard- and Firmware variants
of all modules.

For more more information concerning this item, please refer to:

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Datasheet                          Quick-Start-Manual
Screenshot_BMC_Datasheet.jpg    150218 Quick Start Manual for Brilliant-Mix-Demo-Kit.PNG


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